Salvaged Junk Flower

I saw this “flower shaped” rusty metal thing on the ground….I was drawn to it like a magnet.   I was at an estate sale of someone I knew, which was fun because she was happy to give me stuff and I was happy to take her spray paint and mini crockpot.   When I showed her what I found, she tried to take it out of my hands.  “Oh, that’s supposed to be in the garbage pile.”  She couldn’t believe that I wanted it.


What do you think it is?  Any guesses? 

I will give a giggle and a wink to anyone who guesses it right without sneaking below for the answer!_MG_4396

It’s the blade from a weed whacker!  (Whacker is such a great word.)_MG_4399

I painted an old board with a TON of different paint colors, stains, glaze.  I worked on it over a few days, adding more paint after I switched the laundry around in the basement.  One day, I suddenly  knew it was done.   No real method to my painting madness, but I really like the worn, yet colorful background.   I screwed the flower down with a heavy duty screw, used wood glue to attach the “stem”, and then used my vinyl cutter to make a stencil._MG_4449

I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day.  Actually a day early because I couldn’t wait any longer.  She thought it was hilarious that I gave her a weed whacker blade.  And then I might have said I loved it so much I wanted it back when she passes.




I chose a quote from Mother Theresa that makes me think of my mom.  “Do small things with great love.”  My mom knows how to love people;  she is genuinely interested in loving those who especially need it the most.   She just wrote a book that will be out in print later this month, and started a brand new blog called Eyes Wide Open.  Go see what she’s been up to!


Mother’s Day 2014 with my little beauties. 

(Yadda Park near Saratoga Springs, NY.)

“I have all I’ve waited for, and I could not ask for more.”


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  1. mom says

    You most definitely have to wait!!!!..I will write on the back that you “inherit” it upon my passing!!! LOL
    I LOVE this piece of art you created and so very proud of who you are as a beautiful woman, a sweet, sweet mama, a great wife( lucky, lucky Brian) an amazing artist (YES you are !!!!!) and an amazing daughter! Keep on growing and learning and creating and being the very best of you!!!! XOXOX


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