Magnetic Boards out of Ceiling Tiles

Can you believe that the two magnetic boards I made started out as salvaged ceiling tiles?   The ReHouse has a bunch of them, priced at $1.50 each.  I don’t know ANYBODY who wants to put in a metal ceiling these days!


I’m sure you’ve seen these before….they make me think of old church fellowship halls or school cafeteria ceilings.










I cleaned both sides of the metal (12”x24”), then spray painted them.  Rustoleum is my favorite brand, especially on metal.  After they dried, I brushed on some dark glaze to tone down the brightness from the spray paint.  I added a stenciled quote and then glued magnets onto some fun little trinkets.  The three on the blue magnetic board were originally clip on earrings and the others were some scrapbooking charms that I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics.










Fun project, right?

Taking something that is rusty, ugly and unwanted and changing it into something pretty and useful.

I think that’s my superpower.

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